Wednesday, May 17, 2006

55 Sweetwood Drive

Four of us lived in the house. Seeing as there were four bedrooms, that worked out fairly well. 2 bedrooms were upstairs, 2 down. There was a living room, kitchen and a single bathroom. Scott and Al were brothers and lived upstairs, I lived downstairs in the back, and the downstairs front bedroom should have had a revolving door installed - someone was always moving in/out. When I moved in, Mike was living there. He was quiet, and pretty much an asshole. I think he was a teacher, I didn't pay a lot of attention to him, and he wasn't there too long anyway.

I moved in one weekend in February. My father gave me a dresser and a mattress/box spring set and some bedclothes so I had somewhere to sleep, and put my clothes. My room was downstairs, right next to the bathroom. Directly opposite my door was a washing machine. I set up my black and white TV on my dresser, along with a clock radio. I was set.

Rent was $75.00/week. Doesn't sound like much now, but when all you make is $300/week it's a sizable chunk of income. It goes without saying that I didn't have much spare cash after rent, food, gas and car insurance. What little cash I had left, Al made sure he got by padding the phone bill.

Al was the eldest. He was also the cheapest. He was an accountant, and I'm sure he managed to live in the house for free after charging all of us rent/heat/phone/etc. Regardless, it was still better than living in the trailer.

Scott was Al's brother. Scott was a motorcycle mechanic, and I got along ok with him. Over the years we worked on numerous projects together. Please bear with me, I'm going back 20 years, and things get fuzzy sometimes, but I'll do my best to get them straight.

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