Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Haircut

I Could have the T-shirt "I was scalped at Fantastic Sams. (see attached picture)

I Used to got to Plaza Haircutters in Montclair. I went there for 25 years. Then Fantastic Sams opened up nearby, so I went there because it was closer. (and Laura made me because she had a coupon) The first few haircuts were fine. I bounced around from girl to girl, each one applying their own style. I feel bad that I don't remember the girls names, but I'm pretty good with faces. The blonde, I call her "Sweeny Todd" because she took a straight-razor to the back of my neck, was busy, so I had the same girl that cut my hair last time. She asked how I wanted it, I said "Same as last time, buzz the sides, and make it a little longer up top. Well, we were talking, mostly about her middle finger which she'd cut pretty badly eariler in the week, and she got all carried away with the clippers. Next thing you know, i'm 1 step away from Telly Savalas. Oh, well, I always have my Subaru cap...

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