Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rain, rain and more rain.

Been stuck in the house all weekend with Sara. We feel like the 2 kids in Dr. Seuss's "Cat in the Hat". Stuck indoors on a rainy day.

Laura's uncle Jerome passed away this week, so Laura's been busy with Wakes, funerals and clearing out his apartment in Hoboken. Of the things she deemed worthy of salvage were 2 curio cabinets (slightly worn) a bunch of Waterford Crystal and some wedgewood plates. Amongst the wedgewood were some presidential Busts. (no, you pervs, not boobs, Busts) JFK, Abe Lincoln, Eisnehower and George Washington. A quick perusal of eBay shows them to be worth somewhere between $80 and $150. The plates are worth between $25 and $50. Certainly not enough to put Sara through college. Be lucky if their combined worth will bring enough for her to buy a textbook.

I think i'll keep the busts. They'll look nice on bookshelves in my office, give me an air of intelligence (lord knows i need all of that I can get)

In other news, the window guy's nearly finished. He put a bow window in our living room, and it looks quite nice really. I was staring out of that very window this morning, watching the rain, when i saw a glint of gold shining out from under the rhodedendron (sp?). I donned my boots and gathered up an umbrella, and investigated. Lo and behold, there was a hoop earring lying in the flowerbed. It looked like a ladies earring, however, i've seen movies with pirates that have similar earrings, so I was thinking that

  1. Pirates have been hiding/burying treasure in our flowerbeds.
  2. Perhaps the builder, or one of his men lost it, in which case, they may be either crossdressers or pirates.
  3. Perhaps the builder or one of his men is a crossdressing pirate!

Wow, what an exciting world we live in where crossdressing pirates can become tradesmen. I blame NAFTA!

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